Dipartimento di Studi linguistico-letterari, storico-filosofici e giuridici

Migrazioni Europa Diritto is the website designed to host the outcomes of the Project of Excellence of the Department of Linguistics, Literature, History, Philosophy and Law (DISTU) of Tuscia University. The focal point of the Project of Excellence is in the field of legal studies; however, it intends to enhance a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and multi-level approach to the multi-faceted phenomenon of international mobility, through an inclusive and transversal work frame, covering a wide range of research areas such as international, European and domestic law, demography and economics, history, geography and philosophy, literature and culture, including arts.


Through an innovative political intervention and a strong financial backing, the Law no. 232 of 2016 (2017 budget law) provided the best 180 university departments in Italy with additional financing to carry out a five-year project of excellence. The selection has been made on the basis of the quality of both previous research and the project submitted.

Departments of excellence in Italy
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DISTU Department is in the list of the first 15 departments of excellence in the field of legal studies
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DISTU Department received a fund of seven million euros
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On 10 January 2018, the Ministry of Education (MIUR) included the DISTU Department – namely, the area of legal studies – in the list of the 15 departments eligible for funding. Therefore, over the five-year period 2018-2022, DISTU will be allocated a research funding of over seven million euros by MIUR. This milestone results from the successful completion of a challenging multi-stage process. Enlisted in 2017 among the best 350 university departments thanks to the high quality of its research over the past few years, DISTU successfully participated in the second-stage selection process, entering the best 180 departments. DISTU project of excellence, submitted as for the field of legal studies, enhances the peculiar interdisciplinarity of the department itself. One of a kind in Italy, DISTU’s research areas include law, history and philosophy, literature, languages and linguistics, and arts. The project of excellence aims to promote interdisciplinary research activities related to the European institutional and cultural space. To do this, DISTU endeavors to build a national scientific network, fostering cooperation between individual researchers and departments. The three academies presented on this website – the Academy of Law and Migration (ADiM), the Academy of Law and Arts (ADiA), and the Academy of Law and Language (ADiL) – are the means for achieving these goals.