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Scheda riassuntiva

Autore della scheda: Andrea Grilli

Parole chiave: Canada, musica, Sony BMG, EMI Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Chet Baker

Descrizione: Le quattro major della musica, Sony BMG, EMI Music, Universal Music e Warner Music, secondo la ricostruzione di Michael Geist, professore di legge all’ Università di Ottawa, praticavano la tecnica definita “exploit now, pay later if at all.” Nel 2008 gli eredi del musicista Chet Baker avviarono una causa che coinvolse così musicisti da diventare una class action contro le major canadesi della musica e la loro associazione di categoria. Il valore della violazione del copyright per ogni canzone è di circa 20,000 dollari. Il valore totale del contenzioso è da 50 milioni di dollari a 6 miliardi.

Categoria: Musica

Informazioni sull’artista

Artista: Chet Baker

Nazione: Canada

Informazioni sull’opera

Opera: Vari canzoni di musicisti

Data realizzazione: 2008

Informazioni sui contenziosi, attività giudiziaria

Autorità giudicante: Superior Courte of Justice Ontario

Sentenza: 2011 ONSC 7105 (CanLII)

Attore: The Estate of Chesney Henry “Chet” Baker et al.

Convenuto: Sony BMG Music (Canada) Inc. et al.

Massima: The Settlement

[35] Under the terms of the settlement, as ultimately implemented, a total of $46,688,805.91 is to be paid into a settlement trust for the benefit of Class members. After payment of Class Counsel’s fees and other expenses, these funds will be administered and distributed by an entity (“CSI”) jointly created by the Collectives. The Record Labels will contribute a total of $42,761,023.94 of this amount and CMRRA and SODRAC will pay $3,927,781.97 in “held royalties”. The objective of the settlement administration will be to identify, and pay, the accrued royalties to as many rights holders as possible. It will be necessary to prioritize the efforts of the administration in both temporal and financial terms. Priority will be given to high value amounts (items on the Pending Lists with a value of $2,500 or more) and medium value amounts ($1,000-$2,500) which will be identified on a claims website which can be accessed by potential class members. Efforts will be made to locate rights holders in respect of low value items (less than $1,000).

[36] As well, as part of the settlement, a system of licensing and royalty administration has been established, on a going-forward basis, to ensure that the problem does not recur. This is a very important feature of the settlement and a significant accomplishment.

[37] After the administration period has been completed with respect to high value and medium value amounts, any residue will be distributed cy-pres to the universe of rights holders with market share in Canada, according to analysis that will be carried out by CSI. A similar distribution will be made with respect to the low value items.

[38] It is the stated goal of Class Counsel, and CSI to compensate rights holders to the greatest extent possible. As noted, Class counsel propose to remain involved, on a fee-for-service basis, in the administration of the settlement, as required.

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