3-7 luglio 2023, Università della Tuscia – IntoME Summer Training School 2023 – “Migration and Mobility in the Digital Age”

 The STS on Migration and Mobility in the Digital Age is a 5-days intensive course on the pros and cons of the use of new technologies and big data in the management of flows and migrants’ access to services. Hosted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on the Integration of Migrants in Europe (IntoME), it takes place at Tuscia University in Viterbo, providing attendees an extensive and thorough understanding of four key aspects: a) the progressive datafication of EU borders and its socio-political consequences; b) the fundamental rights implications of data-driven frontiers; c) the accountability concerns and regulatory aspects behind the deployment of digital technologies to manage migration movements; d) the role of new technologies for migrants’ integration. These dimensions will be explored from a variety of viewpoints, including a legal, political, social, and economic standing. To this aim, leading academics, practitioners, and experts in the fields of migration law, science and technology studies, sociology and international relations will be involved. 

Here the programme

Start Time


3 Luglio 2023

Finish Time


7 Luglio 2023


Università della Tuscia - Dipartimento di studi linguistico-letterari, storico-filosofici e giuridici (DISTU) - Via San Carlo, 32 - Viterbo